Flap Valves

Flap valves are used in connection to surface, sewer and process water systems. A flap valve when placed in front of the culvert/pipe, is a one-way direction seal. When the head (front) pressure increases the flap will be pressed against its seal, preventing backflow. When there is pressure from behind (back pressure) the flap opens and discharge. Because the weight of HDPE is lighter than water it will float and are therefore fitted with a counterweight to balance the flap correctly. The counterweight balance is adjustable. We ensure that our flap valves require only a small difference in water level to open the flap. The flap valve is light in weight, making the flap valves easy to install, very responsive and also very reliable. The valves are available in various forms, such as the vertically hung flat wall mounted type, as well as pipe mounted, flange mounted and angled wall mounted (mounted on a  10 or 50 degree backward angle to reduce the effect of waves and ensure a good seal. HCW produces discharge and pump valves as standard. We also make larger diameters and specials on request. 

Flap valves information Ø100 - Ø500mm

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Flap valve with Penstock

Flap Valve HCRK-F 2000 x 2000mm


Flap valve HCRK Ø800

Flap valve HCRK-F Ø1000

Pump Flap Valve HCPK-F Ø400

Flap valve HCRK-F 2000 x 2000mm

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