Penstocks are used in surface, sewer and process water systems. The penstock has a vertically sliding door that closed a round or square opening. The seal EPDM lip seal positioned in the moving plate and achieves watertightness from both sides.The penstock has a non-rising spindle as standard. On request the penstock can also be supplied with a rising spindle. The penstock is easy to install and needs almost no maintenance. Depending the use of the product we are able to adjust the product material so we can ensure a good performance in for instance agressive enviroments The wall mounted type with a round opening is the most popular and on stock. If reguired we can also manufacture these with square, regtangular or egg-shaped openings. Delivery time is within reasonable production limits.

Various mounting methods available, wall / pipe / flange mounted.

Penstock information Ø100 - Ø1000mm

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

Inline-penstock_Fish friendly flap-valve Ø315mm

Penstock HCSA 5500x4000

Penstock HCSA-P Ø160 with Grid

Penstock 2500x2250 St Maarten

Penstock HCSA 800x8000 Automated

Penstock Inline HCLSA-Ø400

Penstock 2500x2250 St-Maarten

Penstock HCSA-B Ø600Concret Connection

Penstock Inline HCLSA-Ø400

Penstock 2500x2250 Windward Roads

Penstock HCSA-O in Concrete Pre-Cast

Penstock Inline Manual Operated HCLSA-Ø125

Penstock HCHA-Ø160 Manual Operated

Penstock HCSA-O Ø1200

Penstocks HCSA 1000x1000

Penstock HCSA 500x500 and Fences

Penstock HCSA-O Ø500 and Fences

Penstocks HCSA-O 1500x1500

Penstock HCSA 5500x4000 3D

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